Woman and Fashion Association

The “Woman and Fashion” Association is a Spanish association created in the Community of Madrid in 2008 that was born as a need for representation, coordination, management and defense of all those women or companies related to women.

Our Association distinguishes a select representation of the most outstanding companies, professionals and institutions of the national scene that are founded or governed by women or that are destined to products or services that improve the quality of life of women.

Our goal is to give them as a reward for their efforts. The "Successful Woman" Gold figure of the Spanish Women and Fashion Association, as a clear sign of personal recognition as well as the consolidation and publicity of the work carried out at the media level.

Through this public recognition, we want to empower hardworking, demanding and tireless women in their often difficult path to consolidation and professional success.

The “FASHION” concept is applied to be current, to be actuality, to perform tasks and creations in all matters related to fashion, design, creativity, lifestyle, beauty and health.

The main objectives of the Association are

Encourage good treatment and care of the image of women in today's society.

Promote training and information for the use of quality work
through seminars and training in specific subjects that help the personal and business development of women in general.

Find and report on financial aid and subsidies for women
that can support businesses and self-employed figure that require it or just can become benefit some way.

Encourage any kind of help for the benefit of working women
to collaborate with other associations and organizations in order to transfer information and ideas so that all kinds of improvements can be implemented for the benefit of women at a social, labor and personal level.